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Why you should get the Sennheiser HD650 Headphone

Let me tell you how is feel about this headphones after using it for a few weeks.

The Sennheiser HD650 headphone is an open-back, 300 ohm(Ω) headphone, with a very low distortion and a cable that handle noise friction very well.

I won’t bore you with the specification of this headphone, but rather, I will tell you why you should get this headphone if you are looking to get a very good quality headphone for your studio.

What I love most about this headphone is how very open sounding it is, which is perfect for someone like me who loves to mix big and wide, and the accuracy at which it reproduce sounds, more so than the monitors I currently own.

It has a very even and well-balanced frequency response. However, this headphone as an extended bass response, if you are not careful, can bias your bass perception. You may find that your bass is under-mix when playback on normal listening systems. For me, I found that my bass translate better on larger speakers.

I also love that I can listen to this headphone for a long duration without feeling fatigue or uncomfortable.

I would say this headphone is perfect if your control room has poor acoustic or if do a lot of headphones mixes.

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